Where do you like to write?  Where do you feel the most comfortable, and the least distracted?  Do you like it dark and womb-like, or open and bright?  How to you decorate your office?  Do you have an office or prefer to work outside?

Clearly, our mood can vary depending on our surroundings. Generally writers like a fairly quiet space where they won’t be too distracted. Some people, however, can’t write at home and need to find a Starbucks, where they feel they’re still social beings.

Some people like to hole up in a cabin in the woods when they write. Some people would rather write in a hotel room overlooking the beach.

If you can create an office space that reminds you of your favorite place to write, you’ll feel more motivated even in your own home.

You could decorate your work space so it suits you. If you like a clean, uncluttered place, make sure your workspace reflects that.

If you’d rather be surrounded by photos of the beach, or the woods, or your favorite scripts and books, you can fix up your office that way.

If you like, you can hang up classic movie posters or stills from your favorite films to inspire you.

You want comfort in your environment, and few distractions. You definitely want to leave your cell phone in another room while you’re writing.

Some people want a pot of coffee nearby, some may need to smoke. Some people like to write on a laptop in their kitchen.

Some people might want to write outside, especially if they live in a scenic area.

Psychologically, they don’t feel like they’re sacrificing so much if they actually leave the house and soak up the sun, while they write.

Surround yourself with things that make you feel good. Some people will feel more confident in a luxury hotel; others will want a more bohemian location. There’s a reason writers are drawn to Paris.

There, aspiring writers can work in coffee shops, bars, or small apartments, or in the town square, knowing that great writers like Hemmingway and Sartre shared the same rarified air.

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