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“After film school, writing, working, waiting for my career to take off… nothing was happening.  I didn’t even have an agent.  I felt one-on-one professional coaching  was an investment in my future.  It’s an investment I needed to make.”  Client

Phone: FREE 20 MINUTE PHONE CONSULT (310) 850-4707

How does this work?  What are the fees?

Let my answer those questions in order.  It can work any way you’d like it to work.  Some people want to discuss where they are in their tv or screenwriting careers and what to do next.

Some people have a script and would like a veteran Hollywood writer to read it and offer sound advice. There are things you pick up on reading screenplays or episodic scripts after having written for over 20 years, that most coaches won’t know about.

So they ask me to read their script, and I offer the kind of feedback you’d get from an Executive Producer or from a reader in a studio story department.

Some people come to me with an outline or some movie or tv ideas and we have a pitch session.  I help them choose the best ideas, and break the story with them, as I’ve done hundreds of time before working as an Executive Producer in the industry.

After they write a draft, I will go over it with them, looking for fixes in story, character, dialogue, pace, and film format.

The end product is your calling card script, the one that will get you meetings and pitch sessions, and even an agent.

My fee:  $300 includes reading your script then meeting with you (in person or on the phone) to give you feedback and offer suggestions.  I will help you fix or improve your script, I will  write a scene for you if you like.  I will answer all your questions.

I can work with you further, if needed, for $100 per week, meeting one hour each week.  I can do any extra work, if you like, for $100 per hour.

I meet (or do phone sessions) with some clients once a week or once every 2 weeks, helping them structure and write their script or tv series bible, or miniseries idea.

The 20 minute phone consult is FREE.

I accept cash, checks, and

Main Office:
2001 Barrington Ave, West Los Angeles, CA 90025

2nd office in Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

Phone: FREE 20 MINUTE PHONE CONSULT (310) 850-4707  Call any time!



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