If you decide you’d like to work on Peak Performance  for Writers

How to stay motivated, inspired, and to maximize productivity for writers.  How to deal with the rejected submissions, the insane deadlines, the long solitary hours at the keyboard.  How to stay sane as a highly sensitive and creative person in a town like Hollywood.

Even during your free CONSULT CALL (310) 850-4707 and in the first few sessions, you will start feeling less isolated, you’ll be heard, you can vent, we can work on  career stress, martial or family issues, writers block, peak performance, or whatever you’d like help with.

In addition to being a Screenwriting Coach, and Script Consultant, and my career as a journalist, TV writer and screenwriter, I am a licensed therapist.  I work with writer’s who’re going through tough transitions, actors with issues, authors, artists, and even an ice sculptor.  I specialize in working with Creative Individuals.

Writers (and creative people in general) spend long periods alone, and work “from the inside out” to create, plots ideas, characters, scenes and dialogue.   I’d say the majority of writers are shy, or introverted, and “highly sensitive.”  They spend much of their lives inside their heads.

Being a writer and a therapist, I know how to address the issues that come up for Creative Professionals in Hollywood.

You might want to try to boost your productivity and feel better.

My therapy style leans toward strength-based therapy, uncovering talents that are already inside you, but just need to be applied. We will work on eliminating symptoms first. Then we work on whatever you need; assertiveness, communication skills, or stress reduction.

We will not take “years” talking about the problem. We will start out NOW, talking about the “solution.”

The great thing about being a solution-focused therapist is being able to watch people like you embrace a new and functional lifestyle.

Once blocks are removed, and when you learn to cope with your challenges, be they job insecurities, parenting issues, anxiety or depression, then you can see yourself becoming a better and more grounded person with skills that will help you throughout life.

Hollywood Therapy: Lifetime Member; Writer’s Guild of America, Film and Television Professionals. Executive Producer. Screenwriter. Journalist.

 Addiction Professional, Mental Health Network. Substance Abuse Counselor. California Victims of Crime Therapist, Trauma, Assault, Sexual Assault, Abuse and Neglect, Domestic Violence Specialist.

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