If you decide you’d like to work on your issues in Hollywood Therapy.

How to stay motivated, inspired, and to maximize productivity for wrtiters.  How to deal with the rejected submissions, the insane deadlines, the long solitary hours at the keyboard.  How to stay sane as a highly sensitive and creative person in a town like Hollywood.

What methods will be used?

I believe in a humanistic approach, which demands authenticity from me as your therapist.  I treat all of my clients without judgment and with unconditional positive regard.  We will collaborate on creating goals, setting treatment plans and work toward solving problems together.

Solution Focused Therapy

Solution Focus does not dwell on years of talking about “the problem” in session.  Instead, it favors discussing “the solution.”  It is a strength-based orientation which uncovers coping skills the client already knows, but has not used.  Together, the client and therapist uncover client skills they show in other situations and apply them to the “problem.”  The client and the therapist stand on equal footing.

A Humanist Approach with Cognitive Behavioral Goals.

We will use evidence-based methods that have proven successful over time.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy — according to Time magazine (01/20/2003) “is quick, practical and goal-oriented – over 300 clinical trials have demonstrated the effectiveness of CBT.”

Why should I see a therapist as a writer?

Therapy is about feeling safe while collaboratively working through life’s challenges (and specific challenges for writers) in a non-judgmental environment.  If you’re working a day job and trying to find time for writing, or if you’re a working writer, if stresses in your career cause problems in your marriage, or with your family,  then the kind of counseling I provide is for you.  Therapy is right for anyone dealing with anxiety or depression, addictions that stem from trying to make a creative career work,  If you are looking for more from your life creating more self-awareness and working toward change – then therapy is right for you.

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